Family Reunion

A couple of weeks back we packed up the truck and headed north, to Sudbury (or more precisely Dowling), for the first ever Servant Family Reunion.

It was great to see everyone again, we don’t back to Sudbury often enough and don’t get enough visitors here in Ottawa.

Here are a few pictures from the event and a video I put together with some highlights.

Zoé Artwork!

I’ve started a new feature here on Servants’ Quarters, Zoé Artwork!

I’m not sure if the world realizes this yet, but Zoé is a prolific artist.  Coming home from school with dozens of new drawings and other pieces of art everyday.  It gets a bit overwhelming.  We’ve had to resort to putting most of it in the recycling bin (sorry Zoé).  However, I have started selectively scanning pieces of it that represent her current efforts.

Without further delay, may I present a sample of some of her recent work!

Visitors from Revelstoke

Today auntie Wendy and cousin Dale arrived from Revelstoke.

We’ll be hosting them for the next week, showing them the sites and sounds of rural Kanata!

Zoé and Sam will be staying home from daycare for the week. Nat will also be taking most of the week off of work. Not sure what the daily plan will be, but it should prove to be interesting.

As for myself, I’ll continue to head to work and bang out code.

A BIG Thank You!

As some you may know we have decided to sell our house.

I wanted to take this time to thank my mom and Roger.  They came to town Friday of last week and really helped us get the house ready for sale.  Roger was a machine moving through the house and doing all the repairs that hadn’t been done in the last 5 to 10 years.  My mom was equally awesome in cleaning and painting and helping with the kids.  She stayed with us until Thursday.

Without their help we would not have been able to get the house ready.  Today our agent, Joan Smith, is coming into the house and taking pictures.  Tomorrow the house will be up on MLS (I will provide the link).

Skating Lessons over before they began

Sam and Zoé had skating lessons starting today.  Zoé has done them in the past and this was the first time for Sam.

Zoé’s last skating lessons ended badly with her coming off the ice a few times and just not wanting to go on another occasion.  We chalked it up to poorly fitting skates.  We got her some larger skates but still no dice.  At the last lesson an instructor offered to look at her skates and it turned out they were too narrow for her feet.  We returned those skates and got her another pair in time for today’s lesson.

It didn’t seem to make much of a difference though.  Zoé came off the ice almost right away complaining about foot pain.  Sam on the other hand pretty much melted down right away, even before getting on the ice.

After encouraging them both to get back on the ice a few times, we gave up and decided not only to end the class early but to end the skating lessons for the foreseeable future.

Neither of them seem interested in perusing skating at this time; we won’t push them.

Stay with us.